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As recognized leaders in advanced neurodiagnostics, including video EEG testing and home EEG monitoring, all of us at Stratus hope you find our blog informative, indispensable and even a bit inspiring. To say that we are passionate about improving lives through innovative video EEG at home services would be an understatement. So keep “monitoring” our blog, as we’re always adding fresh content.


Thoughts on Epilepsy and COVID-19

Thoughts on Epilepsy and COVID-19

While everyone in the country is currently occupied by coping with the changes created by COVID-19, patients suffering from epilepsy may have additional concerns. Based on the most recent information from the CDC, having epilepsy does not increase the risk of...

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In-Home VEEG is a Better Option

In-Home VEEG is a Better Option

But Don't Take My Word for It.   As the Chief Medical Officer at a leading provider of in-home, video-EEG (VEEG) monitoring services, I know that outpatient monitoring can save money while providing comparable quality as inpatient monitoring. I know that...

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