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Considering the EEG needs across the country continue to grow with modalities including routine, long-term ambulatory and long-term epilepsy monitoring, and R. EEG T.s are in short supply, continuing education for all techs providing EEG services to patients is critical. This year long ASET CEU program will feature 12 presentations, one per month, from several experts in the field covering a wide range of topics including Seizure Classification, PNES, Montages & Localization and SUDEP.

Attending the meetings is simple and certainly worthwhile, please join us!

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ASET – The Neurodiagnostic Society has granted ASET Continuing Education Units [ASET CEUs] for this program. Such crediting, however, should not be construed by program participants as an endorsement of any type of instruments or supplies mentioned or involved in these presentations.

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If you missed one of the EEG U webinars, no worries, you can watch them here! CEU credits will not be issued if you're watching a previously recorded webinar.


 Learning Objectives:

To understand the basic process of analog to digital signal conversion

To learn how filters, paper speed, and sensitivity settings work and how they help with EEG analysis

To understand the fundamentals of montage design and why changing montages is sometimes a good idea



Feb 2023