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We are proud to deliver the most comprehensive video EEG at home monitoring (VEEG) services and support nationwide.


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Stratus is the leading provider of Video EEG at home testing in the U.S.


With a full suite of cloud-based neuro-centric software, technology and service solutions delivered by an expert team of neurodiagnostic pros, Stratus is the undisputed leader in home EEG testing and monitoring services. 

Our goal is two-fold. We’re passionately working to improve the lives of patients by delivering convenient, high quality, affordable home EEG testing and monitoring services. We’re also constantly innovating new and better ways to empower physicians to create treatment plans based on immediate and secure access to critical data – anytime, anywhere.

Together, we’re advancing neurological health and enhancing the efficiency and quality of home EEG testing for all.

We’ve Broken Down the 2020 CPT® Code Changes for Long-Term Home EEG Testing with Video

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Patients Served

less expensive for outpatient video EEG at home testing than inpatient monitoring, and has equivalent diagnostic value*

* Citing Dr. Syed White paper:
Outcome of ambulatory video-EEG monitoring in a ˜10,000 patient nationwide cohort Syed, Tanvir U. et al. Seizure – European Journal of Epilepsy, Volume 66, 104 – 111


of patients have their typical event captured during the recording session**

**Citing Journal of Medical Economics:
Jeremy D. Slater, Michael Eaddy, Conor M. Butts, Inna Meltser & Sharanya Murty (2019) The real-world economic impact of home-based video electroencephalography: the payer perspective, Journal of Medical Economics, DOI: 10.1080/13696998.2019.1636382

Video EEG Testing Services

Stratus is the leading provider of In-Home Video EEG Testing in the United States. Our trained technicians and registered technologists are experts at setting up video EEG at home testing in the privacy of a patient’s home, conducting remote monitoring during the recording session, and providing a comprehensive technical report at the end of the study. Interpretation services by board-certified neurologists are also available.

We offer “next day” and “next week” scheduling of home EEG testing in most regions, allowing us to deliver a level of speed and efficiency that’s not possible with inpatient EEG testing. The result is a high level of patient compliance and satisfaction, as well as fast delivery of the final report to the ordering physician.

Cloud-based Software Solutions

Our Stratus EEG technology provides dedicated and secure EEG cloud services, offering functional “on demand” review software that connects patients with expert reading physicians. Eliminating geographical barriers, these EEG cloud services are making it possible to access expert opinions of reading physicians and technicians around the globe, ensuring the very best patient care.

“Stratus has been a great choice for my patient’s ambulatory diagnostic studies. Their referral process is very streamlined, and their follow-up protocol is superior. When I make referrals to Stratus, I am confident that I will not have to track down reports, follow up on the status of the procedures that I have ordered, or learn that my patients were not satisfied with any aspect of their encounter with Stratus. Choosing to refer to Stratus has definitely been a very positive experience for myself, my staff, and for my patients.”

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