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Patient Billing
During COVID-19



Update to Stratus’ patient billing policy in response to COVID-19


In response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) national outbreak, Stratus is making some changes to the Company’s patient billing practices. For all services provided to out-of-network patients on or after April 10, 2020, Stratus intends to match the patients’ in-network benefits, in accordance with federal guidelines. This means that the Company will charge out-of-network patients an amount no greater than the amount the patient would have been required to pay in out-of-pocket expenses if the care had been provided by an in-network provider. This policy will remain in effect during the declaration of a national public health emergency due to COVID-19.


Determining the patient’s in-network out-of-pocket expenses


In some cases, Stratus receives information from the patient’s health plan that allows the Company to know the amount the patient would pay in out-of-pocket expenses if services were provided by an in-network provider. Other times, the information is only provided by the health plan later on.

Where Stratus does not yet know the patient’s in-network allowable amount, the Company will estimate this amount based on the applicable Medicare fee schedule. If Stratus later learns that the patient’s final bill according to the patient’s in-network insurance benefits is less than the amount quoted to the patient, the Company will only charge the patient that lower, in-network amount. Additionally, if the initial amount charged is greater than the patient’s in-network cost-sharing responsibility, Stratus will refund the difference. Therefore, any patients who believe they have been charged an amount that is more than their in-network cost-sharing amount should notify Stratus so that a refund may be immediately issued.


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