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The duration of a typical EEG test procedure is 72 hours. Your doctor will prescribe the testing duration based on your symptoms, which will give us the highest probability of capturing an event during the recording session.

The Stratus team will set up the home EEG test, place video equipment and conduct video EEG monitoring to ensure the quality and accuracy of your results.

For patients requiring home EEG testing services immediately, Stratus can often accommodate the same or next-day appointments.

To learn more about why your doctor might be referring you for testing, read our Blog, I’ve Had a Spell. What is it? What do I do next?

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What is Video EEG Monitoring (VEEG)?


An EEG records the electrical activity of your brain, also known as brainwaves. Video EEG monitoring records a video of what your body is doing during the home EEG test. A doctor will look at the video and the test results together. Together, these two pieces of information help your doctor determine if your seizure or symptoms are related to the electrical activity in your brain. Video EEG monitoring is considered the gold standard for diagnosing seizures and symptoms. It allows your doctor to see any type of event or symptom that happens while you conduct your normal daily activities and sleep.

What to Expect During Your Test


An EEG technician will arrive at your home to set-up the test and video EEG monitoring equipment. Our technicians are all highly trained and pass a background check, and they take your health and well-being seriously.

The technician will apply the EEG electrodes to your head. The EEG electrodes are small disks connected to wires. The wires carry electrical signals from your brain into a small device that you will wear around your waist. As a standard part of the EEG test procedure, the technician will apply the electrodes with a paste that is made for EEG testing. The electrodes are safe and non-invasive.

The technician will also set up two video cameras and a laptop computer as part of the video EEG monitoring services.

The Cameras

  • One camera will be put in your sleeping area.
  • The other camera will be put where you spend most of your time while you are awake.

Plan to stay on camera for as much of the video EEG monitoring as possible. Audio will also be recorded during your test. The more information the equipment gathers, the more information your doctor will get from the test to assist him/her in making a diagnosis.

During your test, a Registered EEG Technologist will use the internet to remotely check the equipment to make sure it is working correctly. The number of times such a check is done depends on the frequency of home EEG monitoring your doctor ordered (no less than every 2 hours, up to continuously.)

At the end of the test, the technician will return to your home to remove the electrodes, cameras and laptop computer. Your doctor should receive the results of your test within seven business days.

Your test will become part of your medical record. The test and your results are HIPAA protected and handled as confidential. We care about your privacy and keeping it safe.

Why is the Length of the Video EEG Monitoring Important?


Your doctor has ordered home EEG monitoring with video in order to provide the best chance to record an event and see anything abnormal. You may have to wear the VEEG electrodes for a few days. It is extremely important to keep the equipment connected and to stay in view of the cameras. This will improve the chances of the test actually capturing and recording one of your events.

How to Schedule Your Test


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  • One of our schedulers will help you schedule the test.

How to Prepare for the Test


Shower or bathe the night before. Be sure to wash your hair. Remember, home EEG monitoring is generally done for 72 hours or more, and you won’t be able to bathe until it’s complete. Do not use any type of hair or scalp conditioner or hairstyling products, including gel, mousse, oils or hairspray. Hair pieces or braids should be removed from the scalp prior to the test. Wear a front-opening shirt such as a button-down or zipper. Doing so will make changing your clothes easier during the test.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Camera and Audio Really Necessary?
Yes – video EEG monitoring is a vital part of the EEG test procedure. Reviewing an EEG without you on camera is like listening to a movie without a picture. Seeing you on video and hearing the audio recording when your symptoms occur helps your doctor get all the information to correctly diagnose you. They need both the VEEG and the audio.

Will My Family or Spouse Be Recorded on Video?
If one of your family members walks in front of the camera, they will appear on the video. Remember your doctor is only interested in the parts of the video and audio when you experience your symptoms or seizure.

“I was scheduled for an 8-day Video EEG test with Stratus. The idea of staying home for 8 days sounded daunting because I’m not the type of person who just sits still. But I knew that since I would be in my own home, I could control the environment. So, I prepared for it. I went and bought a lot of crafts, and all the food that I knew I would want to prepare and cook. I had friends over for dinner over those 8 days and got to spend a lot of time with my dog, Stanley. The time during the study was probably one of the most peaceful times for me because I actually slept, and I don’t sleep.

There’s nothing painful about the procedure at all, and the equipment that was used was so small I would forget it was even there.

The best part of my experience was the people. Stratus made me feel taken care of, whether it was on the phone or on a visit to adjust the equipment. Trent was phenomenal and Christine was a gem – they made me feel as if I had known them for a long time. They showed respect to me and to my home, and I could tell they cared a lot about their job and love the work they do.”

Susan W.
North Carolina

“My 2-year-old daughter, Riley, has autism and had begun showing what I thought were epileptic symptoms in the form of blank stares. Because epilepsy runs in my family, I took her to the doctor to be tested. The doctor presented me with two options: we could either spend the day in the hospital or in our home. I chose the in-home option with Stratus because Riley is constantly moving and running around, and wanted her to be comfortable in her own space. Plus, I could do it over the weekend which was very convenient for not having to take off work. Everyone at Stratus made this process so smooth. They were all so nice, and the person that came to set the test up for Riley was very calm with her, which I appreciated.”

Regina C.

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