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Video EEG Testing Services


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Patients monitored by one of our Registered EEG Technologists and interpretation services available by a Board Certified Neurologist



Appointments available within 24 hours of referral. Test results in as little as 7 days and performed in the privacy of the patients’ home



Long-term video EEG monitoring delivered at a fraction of the cost of inpatient monitoring


What are the Benefits of an In-Home Video EEG? 

In-home video EEG improves patients’ lives with the early detection of seizures, epilepsy, and differential diagnosis for conditions that mimic seizures. Our Registered EEG Technologists conduct monitoring during the recording session and provide a comprehensive technical report at the end of the study.


The economic burden of the disease, both on the individual and society as a whole, is substantial, estimated to be more than 10 billion dollars per year.

Lower Cost for Your Patient


In general, hospitalizations of epilepsy patients are more expensive in terms of hospital charges than routine medical patients, and the cost per day for hospitalization in dedicated epilepsy units and at the highest level, epilepsy monitoring units, is progressively more expensive.

The study is performed in the regular environment and stress where the episodes in question generally occur

Patients can stay in the privacy and comfort of their own home, and do not have to travel to stay in an EMU (the distances in some cases may be significant). This results in less time off from work and away from family.

Stratus, in most cases, offers “next day” and “next week” availability, resulting in a much higher level of patient compliance with completion of the testing, and a much faster turnaround of the final report getting to the ordering physician.

62.5% of patients have their typical event captured during the recording session*


Importance of Video


Critical to alleviating the impact of this condition is the correct diagnosis – minimizing both false negative and false positives. Failure to do so can produce significant negative consequences for individual patients, including physical, psychological and socioeconomic.

Continuous recording of the electroencephalogram (EEG) with time-locked video has been well-established as a critical tool in making the correct diagnosis. Advances in technology allow a patient to undergo this type of study in the home at much-reduced cost, increased convenience and equivalent diagnostic accuracy.


*Citing Journal of Medical Economics:
Jeremy D. Slater, Michael Eaddy, Conor M. Butts, Inna Meltser & Sharanya Murty (2019) The real-world economic impact of home-based video electroencephalography: the payer perspective, Journal of Medical Economics, DOI: 10.1080/13696998.2019.1636382

The Utility of Video EEG

Video EEG has been demonstrated with respect to serving as the gold standard for the diagnosis of many epilepsy syndromes, identifying mimickers of epilepsy and as the initial evaluation in preparation for eventual resective surgery.

The addition of video recording to long-term EEG recording provides multiple advantages over those done without. For recorded seizures, the video allows the delineation of whether the clinical onset of the event precedes, is concurrent with, or follows the electrographic onset.

At the most basic level, the concurrent video will allow differentiation of paroxysmal non-epileptic seizure-like events (PNES) from true epileptic seizures.

Conversely, if there are clinical events that are characteristic of seizures of frontal lobe origin that may have no scalp EEG correlate, the video may allow their identification where a standard EEG would not.

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